Isabelle Collet
Speaker Isabelle Collet
Title Digital Technology and Gender Equality: A Challenge for Higher Education
Date 14 February 2022
Time 16:00 - 17:30
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Digital technology is playing an increasing role in our society, but women are underrepresented. Today, less than 15% of computer science students in higher education in most European countries are women.

The Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital technology in daily life and the specific challenges faced by women in times of crisis, including in education and research.

This quasi non-gender mix of the field has consequences not only on gender equality in employment, but also on the inclusiveness and performance of digital applications. The great uniformity of the population of developers and managers (white men from the middle or upper classes) tends to make the needs and characteristics of other populations, especially women, disappear.

Can we continue to be satisfied with a technical world designed, developed, installed and maintained by a population that is more than 80% male? How can we imagine a more inclusive digital world?

The higher education can close the gender gap: it is not too late and not everything happens in primary school!

This communication will include:

- a historical review of how the field became so male and why it keeps so;
- a descriptions of practices: those that are not so « good »... and those that have proven to be effective.
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